Monday, April 4, 2011

Umbrella dress - work in progress

So Mobius, an art space in the South End, is having a Wearable Art Show for Boston Cyberarts Festival, on May 6th. They have an open call for "wearable art" and I've decided that I'd really like to submit something inspired by my eco-fashion interest.

A few weeks ago my friend Gabriela and I went to a business conference for our work. We got a grab bag full of a dozen cheap giveaway items with company logos, such as pens, notebooks, gummy bears (my fave), and an umbrella... As is common with these giveaway items, the umbrellas both broke after one use, so I decided to transform them into a dress!!

Before: Two umbrellas

 After: on its way to being wearable.

It's not finished at all yet! But I thought I'd show what I have so far. It's going to be a dress in the end. The hardest part is that I don't have a lot of fabric to work with. I'd like to make a head piece out of the leftover metal umbrella skeleton as well.

I'll be sure to provide an update when the dress is done (and hopefully in the show).

Next project after this one: make a dress for myself to wear to my friend's wedding...