Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day!

Happy Earth day! Don't forget to get your free cup of coffee from Starbucks today by bringing a reusable mug!

My pal Emily pointed out to me that Gilt Groupe (which is like Rue La La I think) is having an Earth Day themed sale with eco-friendly brands! What a great idea. Here is one eco-boutique they were promoting today which looks particularly neat:

Doucette Duvall  "practices environmental and social responsibility by manufacturing the entire collection in New York City's historic garment district, using pre-existing fabric and trim, shunning extraneous garment bags and hang tags, and shipping in recycled boxes only. Look for the "little green dress" in each collection as a reminder of their commitment to Madame Earth. A portion of the proceeds from the lgd are donated to the non-profit group, Build it Green, who share a similar reuse ideal.  For more information, please visit:"

from fall 2009 collection
This got me thinking, what else is happening in the fashion world for Earth Day?

I stumbled up a local company named Proxy who had a ethical fashion show last night to celebrate Earth Day. I wish I had known about it!

Proxy is based in Somerville (around the corner from my aerials class!), and looks pretty awesome. It's an ethical fashion company that believes in sweat-shop free manufacturing, and fair trade, socially responsible apparel; while still being fashion forward and supporting emerging designers. They have a blog, and it looks like they are consistently putting together awesome events like this fashion show, a sample sale, and a clothing swap. I'm going to start following them and try to go their next event.  I've been looking for a company like this in Boston since I started this blog!

And finally, in honor of Earth Day I think we should all go outside and hug a tree... actually no. Let's be more progressive! I think we should each make an eco-resolution instead, like trying to cut down on your waste (fashion or otherwise), and trying to recycle more. Earth Day is a good day to remind us all to do our part for this little planet we call our home!

I heart mother nature.

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  1. I love your blerg, Ellen. I have just now caught up with the last month or so and am so impressed with/inspired by the info you've shared. And I know Newbury St. isn't the place for it, but there are some great thrift shops in the city (for shopping eco-friendly). For ex: Urban Renewals in Allston, Boomerang's in JP, and the Sal Val in Cambridge for starters. I try to wear and shop mostly vintage, but like you, am an Anthro junkie. Let's hope they start carrying more eco-friendly and locally-made items asap!