Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Three Wolf Moon Shirt is Eco Friendly!

I was going to post a quick example of how living by my eco-friendly rules can kinda stink. My example was going to be that sometimes you just want to buy something that is silly and awesome, not super practical, but fun and something that you'd definitely wear.

My example was going to be the amazing Three Wolf Moon T-shirt!

I've wanted one for a while... I mean obviously because it is so awesome... and also because of the amazing reviews on Apparently it's pretty magical in a lot of different ways.

So I figured the Three Wolf Moon shirt, as much as I wanted it, had to be outside of my eco parameters. But then I discovered that the shirt is even more awesome than I previously thought! The company that makes it, The Mountain, claims to be "America's Greenest T-Shirt Company"! They have a whole page on their green efforts:
  • They create, develop, dye, and print the shirts in Marlborough, NH and ship from Keene, NH. So by not shipping from overseas they reduce their carbon footprint.
  • More than 80% of the T-shirt cotton is grown in the USA.
  • They use waterbased vs. petroleum based inks.
  • Shirts are pre-shrunk cotton, so the shirt size and print should last long.
  • Have Oeko-Tex 100 Certification (chemical free).
It just goes to show you that eco-fashion is starting to become more and more common, and you might find it where you lease expect it!

... and I can't wait for my magical powers!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Good Links

I've been meaning to write for a while, but I'm oh so busy! SO to keep your eco-conscious minds amused, check out these links I found: round up of where to buy used goods in Boston. About half are about clothing stores, but it's always good to know where to buy used music and books too!

Really interesting article by Charty Durrant (via Etsy) on the fashion industry and how it fundamentally conflicts with sustainability.

Her outlook for the future:
Our challenge is to find a way to resynthesise the extreme polarities of our time: on the one hand we have globalisation and all its negative financial and ethical ramifications, and on the other we have the new consciousness: a One World view. Globalisation has misunderstood and misused this concept for its own ends. We have misinterpreted our connectivity and as a result are more disconnected than ever. Now we have to learn to express ourselves and reconnect with integrity. In the end the true antidote is to adopt an attitude of voluntary simplicity. A manner of living and being that is outwardly more simple and inwardly more rich. A way of being in which our most authentic and alive self is brought into direct conscious contact with every part of our lives.

Happy eco reading!