Favorite Eco Shops

Here is a list of my favorite brands and shops that I've discovered on my sustainable fashion journey. I've actually made purchases from brands marked with an asterisk "*". 

You can also follow my eco-style Pinterest board to see some great sustainable designs!


  • AFIA is an award-winning sustainable, taste-making women’s clothing line sourced and sewn in Ghana, West Africa, who believes in transparency, mutual respect, and collaboration.
  • Alabama Chanin is a lifestyle company that focuses on creating an array of products through focusing on slow design and sustainability. Products are all made by hand by talented artisans in communities around Florence Alabama, using a combination of new, organic, and recycled materials.
  • *Alternative Earth (part of Alternative Apparel brand)  fabrics are made with organic cotton, recycled polyester and man-made fibers derived from sustainable raw materials such as rayon, and then finished with non-toxic dyes, biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes for a vintage-soft touch. Alternative Apparel as a brand is committed to comfort, craftsmanship, community and authenticity.
  • Eileen Fisher has many sustainable initiatives, and encourages their customers to think and act in a more eco-friendly way. Their silks are is Bluesign certified, and 70% of their cotton is organic. Eileen also created a recycling program, GREEN EILEEN, which resells donated clothing to support causes for women and girls, and also up-cycles used clothing into rugs, blankets, and other items, to prevent them from landfills. 
  • Elroy's clothing design, sourcing, materials and manufacturing is environmentally conscious and socially responsible. It is their goal to lead the way in delivering great quality, sustainable, fairly traded and beautiful clothing. They hope to educate and empower clients to become more aware of their buying power and environmental footprint, and to encourage more conscious decision making.
  • Loomstate 321 Loomstate is dedicated to designing the highest quality clothing using sustainable textiles, environmental best practices, and fashion leadership.
  • Nau (pronounced "now") is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon, that makes sustainable urban  and outdoor apparel, and integrated designs for the modern mobile life.
  • *Pact underwear supports and encourages organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and businesses that form partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in the worldPact has made almost all aspects of their business socially responsible: from their supply chain, to their dying techniques, to their packaging.
  • *Patagonia's mission statement is to "build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." Patagonia is an leader in actively reducing its footprint and giving back to the world. Patagonia uses recycled polyester and organic cotton, gives 1% of its sales to grass-root environmental groups, an has many other sustainable initiatives
  • Pretty Birdie by Stephanie Teague is a handmade, sustainable women's clothing and accessories line. Pretty Birdie uses only high end organic and sustainable fabrics mixed with a little vintage and antique recycling. Located in Greensboro, NC.
  • Reformation is an environmentally sustainable fashion brand that re-purposes vintage and surplus materials to create a chic, limited edition collection. Their collection is made locally in their New York and LA studios, and sold directly to their own stores at fair prices.

Online Boutiques

  • Amour Vert, uses natural and organic fabrics, is made in the USA, and pays attention to the factory conditions of its manufacturing partners. 
  • Beklina was the first and original online, "eco boutique". Based in Northern California, Beklina is a family business that tightly curates the strongest thinkers and artists in the fashion world today, emphasizing USA made, well crafted heirloom wares with sustainable ideals. Portraying their aesthetic, Beklina continues to present pieces that are versatile and timeless. 
  • BTC Elements hand-selects each item in their boutique collection of fashion, gifts, and accessories with an eye to the environment and social justice. The result: fresh, inspiring designs that are both earth friendly and ethically sourced. 
  • Fashioning Change is an online marketplace that guides members to find eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to popular brands and styles. The site is still in beta, but appears to be growing. 
  • Future:Standard is an online boutique that provides ethical clothing and accessories that are either eco-friendly, fair trade, locally made, or anything that is made with respect to the planet and those who are making the clothing.

Boston Area

  • Proxy Apparel  is an ethical fashion company dedicated to empowering women through fashion. Proxy believes in a sweat-shop free, equitable world and they are passionate about fashion as a vehicle for social change.
  • Sudo Shoes is a vegan shoe store near Porter Square in Cambridge. 
  • Whats-Nu is store in Davis Square in Somerville which aims to connect independent designers and artisans with the community. Whats-Nu also strives to offer goods that are eco-friendly, social responsible, and/or made in the USA. 

If you have suggestions of brands I should check out, let me know in the comments!

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