Sunday, March 18, 2012

This week's eco-boutique - Amour Vert

Via eco fashion world, I stumbled upon a neat online boutique that specializes in sustainable fabrics. It's called Amour Vert, and they believe in fashion that is both beautiful and sustainable.

Amour Vert, uses natural and organic fabrics, is made in the USA, and pays attention to the factory conditions of its manufacturing partners. 

Orchidee Taupe - Peace Silk Dress
Their designs are simple and classic. Everything looks like something you could wear for years and years. The Orchidee Taupe Silk Dress is my favorite so far, and it's on sale for $64, which is not bad! Overall their prices are right around what I'm starting to expect for sustainable fashion. In general I'd consider it similar to the price range of Anthropologie. I can afford some things at full price, but usually I head straight to the sales rack. 

Aurelie Stripes
Amour Vert uses Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Peace Silk (silk that doesn't kill the silk worms), Tencel (wood pulp cellulose), Modal (birch tree cellulose), Soy, and Hemp fabrics. I think this is a good example of a brand focusing on a particular aspect of eco-fashion and doing it well. Amour Vert has chosen to go with the sustainable fabric route, and I love that they don't just have organic cotton. They are using many different types sustainable fabrics, so they can offer more interesting designs and options. I will definitely keep this shop in mind for future purchases!