Friday, April 1, 2011

Shopping spree!

Oh no, I hate to admit it but I broke my rules!

I went on a crazy shopping spree last night, I couldn't help myself. I bought 2 new dress from H&M (so cute!) and a new pair of work pants from Ann Taylor Loft. Then I went to the gap and went kind of crazy over some cheap comfy T-shirts they had on sale... I got like 5! Oh my goodness...

It feels so good to have gotten that shopping spree out of my system! 

Hahaha - April Fools!
Gotcha, didn't break my rules at all! Haven't gone shopping since February actually*! :P
*edit: and when I shopped in February I bought a second-hand dress which fit with my rules*


  1. hahaaa i was going to be like "NOOOO!!!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!"
    you totally got me.

  2. cute! I like your picture :-P