Friday, April 8, 2011

This week's eco-boutiques

So I'm going to try to post once a week on interesting eco-websites that I discover on my way!

The ones below were not found through They are a little less fashion-forward than I'd like, but they seemed to be more reasonably priced, and they all have a strong ethical standpoint.

Econscious Market,
Boulder, Colorado
A site for all things green, from clothing, to beauty products, to home decor. I don't find the fashions particularly interesting, but it's nice that they donate to non-profits.

Econscious sells "thousands of the finest ecologically (eCo "friendlier") and socially responsible products available and donate up to 10% of every purchase to the exceptional Non-Profit Organizations ".

Pictured, Andria + Rain Forest V-Neck, $36

Really simple, basic clothing (T-shirts and sweatshirts) made from organic cotton. Reasonable prices.

"We are proud to be serving the growing market for organic and sustainable apparel by creating clothing that is durable, comfortable, and great looking".

Pictured, Women's Classic Washed Tee, $18

Fashion Ethic,
Ethical fashions from various designers. Some good designs, some are not so exciting to me...

"All of our items come from designers and companies following some sort of ethical compass; whether it be using organic and sustainable materials, recycling or repurposing goods, practicing fair labor and fair trade, giving back to the community, or... a combination of these ethics". 

Pictured, Bamboo/Organic Cotton"Alex" Tee, $52 sale price $25

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