Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who said there's no such thing as free fabric?

What's better than free fabric from people who don't want it anymore? Nothing! Ha trick question!

I got lucky the last couple of days. MIT has this great email list called "reuse." Anyone in the community can post and subscribe to it. So when someone has something they no longer want (usually old office supplies and printers and such) they post it and the first person to claim it gets it for free. It's a pretty awesome way to recycle. Anyways the MIT costume department had a bunch of extra fabric that they posted. I made away with a brown textured brocade, and a shinny white lycra which will be great for my next aerial acrobatics costume!

Then today my awesome designer friend Jen (hey look she has a blog too decided to give away some of her fabric that she knew she wouldn't use. I got two great green print cottons, and a really interesting blue polyester.

As you know, one of my rules is that I should be making more of my own clothing. I'm excited to turn these into something awesome!


  1. In case you don't know it, try visiting

  2. So glad you like the fabric and that it has a happy home now that it's free from my overly stuffed fabric shelves!
    Thanks for the blerg link,too :>