Monday, March 21, 2011

Big brands and their eco initiatives

Thanks to my friend Kate who pointed out to me that Eileen Fisher has an eco collection!

I like the sparkles... 

This organic cotton & cashmere cardigan costs $238, which to me sounds like a lot, but a quick look on their website and you'll see that price is comparable to their other non-organic garments.

This section of their website lists Eileen Fisher's eco-initiatives which include the organic/fair trade Peru Project, and their attention to the life cycle of a garment (better quality garments + conscientious cleaning = less impact).

It's exciting to see a large brand being proactive with eco-fashion. This makes me want to poke around on other brand's websites and see what else is out there that I don't know about.

Just a quick look at H&M's website and I see they have a whole section on corporate responsibility. I'll look into that and write my next entry about what H&M is doing. I do remember noticing that H&M had organic cotton options far before anyone else, but does that offset the fact that they are a such a huge component in the fast-fashion industry?

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