Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Online US eco-fashion boutiques

So probably like most of the general population I really don't know where to buy eco-friendly clothing. Since there don't seem to be any storefronts in Boston selling new eco-friendly clothes, I think online boutiques are the most realistic option.  I started to look for online stores today and rediscovered this great resource for eco-fashion brands and information: www.ecofashionworld.com.

Ecofashionworld.com have a great list of eco-fashion brands, however the list is huge and includes brands from all over the world! I've decided to only look at stores that have online websites and are based out of the USA. As I make my way through the list I'll share them with you I think they have good designs and are places where I might potentially shop.

Today I got through A - E on the list, and surprisingly I only really like 3 boutiques. Most of the others were really boring cookie-cutter designs.  These three are all pretty expensive, but the sale items are somewhat reasonable (depending on your definition of reasonable)...

Beklina www.beklina.com
Northern California
"Precious and modern", eco-boutique. Multiple designers, kinda crazy expensive
Dress pictured $340 (!!!)

BTC Elements www.btcelements.com
Fashion, gifts, and accessories by multiple eco-friendly designers. Eye to the environment and social justice.
Dress pictured $174

Equita www.shopequita.com
Pittsburgh, PA
Fashion, accessories, jewelry and casual footwear, beauty, home and gourmet products from many designers and suppliers. Design-conscious, functional, eco-friendly, and socially conscious. 
Dress pictured $138 on sale for $86


  1. ooh, I like the BTC Elements site.

    I looked up your blog off of facebook, after you mentioned it last night. Keep at it! Your posts look great. :)


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