Thursday, February 16, 2012

Non-Eco Confessions...

The whole point of my eco-fashion journey was to see if I could live up to my strict eco-friendly rules. I think I did pretty well, but I do have to confess that I did deviated from my rules just a few times over the course of the year...

A Social Necessity
My friends from college organized a pub crawl back in May. They made some pretty awesome t-shirts that I helped design to wear on the crawl. Obviously the t-shirt didn't fit into my rules in any way, shape, or form. It wasn't even something I planned to wear again. But you know what? That's life! I could have chosen not to buy one of the t-shirts, but it was part of the fun and spirit of the event.

This deviation taught me that if you want to have a life, you can't control everything in your wardrobe.

Loss of Will Power
On the California road-trip with my sister over the summer, our first stop was LA. My sis wanted a new bathing suit so we went into a Gap in Santa Monica to find her one on sale. Of course I saw a bikini top that was super cute and just $5. I went back and forth and back and forth, but finally I bought it. It definitely did not fit my rules, and I knew it.

This was the one time over this whole year when I let my urge to buy something overpower my will to stick to my rules. I was on vacation, I wanted something new, and it was so cheap! Frankly I'm proud of myself for not splurging on random non-rule fitting items more often.

By Accident
Two months ago I realized I needed to buy some tights and nylons because the ones I had were in bad shape (missing feet and generally unwearable). I decided on the brand No Nonsense,, who had some cute items and was made in the USA.

As you can see on the No Nonsense website it clearly says "Made in the USA," however when I opened up the leggings I bought the tag said "Made in Indonesia!" If you actually click on the "Made in the USA" link on the No Nonsense website you'll see that just 95% of their products are made in the USA. So they weren't exactly lying, but I didn't do enough digging to find the whole truth.

The plus side of this story is that I love my leggings. I practically wear them all the time now (which is another issue entirely). Sometimes you just don't know what you're buying, even when you think you've done the research.

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