Thursday, October 27, 2011

A particularly depressing episode of the Daily Show last night got me thinking...

The whole concept of eco friendly fashion is based off of something that I take for granted. I operate under the assumption that most people are concerned about the environment and global warming. That even though they might not currently realize the environmental impact of their clothes, they eventually will, and then they will start asking for more eco-friendly fashion goods. It's depressing to recognize to the reality in America which is that only 59% of Americans actually believe that global warming exists at all! Watch Jon Stewart's clip from last night if you feel like being depressed: 

"even as scientific projections of global climate change get ever more certain, public perceptions about climate change are getting ever more skeptical." Chandler, MIT news office

The people that don't believe in global warming think that scientists are trying to trick the public. They won't believe facts and can't understand the scientific explanations behind those facts so they dismiss them as fake. Here is an interesting article about a professor at MIT who is trying to find ways for people to understand climate change: 

I think this denial of climate change could be the major reason that the USA is so far behind Europe in eco-friendly fashion. I've always wondered why it seemed that Europe has so much going on in eco-fashion, and the US seems to be lagging behind. I suppose the key is taking things step by step. Hopefully some day everyone will realize that climate change is real and take steps to make change. In the mean time the rest of us who knew it all along will be way ahead of the game. **sigh** If you know someone who doesn't believe in global warming, try to convince them for me OK? 


  1. People think scientists are trying to trick the public because in fact (some) scientists ARE. A number of serious frauds have been uncovered by scientists defending global warming, especially within the IPCC (Intergovernmental Pannel on Climate Change) which undermine the credibility of the whole field.

    The fact is that there is no consensus on global warming or on Man-made global warming. And many people take climate change as a religion being too fundamentalist about it and not discussing facts. I could go on, but here is an alternate view on climate change causes:

  2. To be fair, I haven't personally done the research into possible frauds by scientists in the field of climate change, and maybe I am too trusting of the scientific community. However, there recently was a study launched by climate change skeptics that reanalyzed the data, and they concluded that in fact climate change does exist and the numbers were correct. That still might not prove the cause of the climate change, but it certainly is real.
    The human race just reached 7 billion people, and even without the facts to back it up, I personally don't believe that we can keep using the earth's resources as we do now without some sort of consequence.