Friday, February 18, 2011

Where can I shop in Boston?

Today I started looking into what eco-friendly clothing stores are in Boston. So far I haven't found much. A few sites list a store called "Envi" which is supposedly on Newbury St, however their website doesn't work and I'm wondering if maybe they've closed down. I'll have to take a field trip some day to see if it exists. There is always a place like The Hempest on Newbury St, but that isn't quite my kind of fashion.

So far the stores I know of in Boston/Cambridge where I can shop (under my rules) are as follows:
American Apparel - made in the USA & organic cotton
And second hand stores like Second Time Around, Poor Little Rich Girl, the Garment District, and Buffalo Exchange.

There must be more, I will continue looking for them!

Also, I found a great summary about different types of fabrics and how they impact the environment. Check it out...

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